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October 27, 2017 Build a House

Build a House in Hillside Landscaping

hillside gardens and landscaping

hillside gardens and landscaping

Hillside landscaping sometimes make people feel confused. Build house on sloping land can be a challenge to realize your dream house. This condition will require some innovation and creativity in order to create a home that is beautiful and comfortable to live. Mountain area or plateau has an advantage of being able to provide convenience in cool air and the environment. Slope of land about 25 degrees or less can be fully utilized in a way that looks elegant and beautiful. For the best home design work, you can use the services of a professional home design to create a minimalist efficient and maximum terms of design houses.

Make Some Tricks for Hillside Landscaping

Build a house on land sloping laterally using cut and fill method. You should adjust to the condition of sloping land. You will get a convenient parking, but the method of following the land conditions, your home will appears different from existing designs. Your second floor in a minimalist home may be having the same height as the road and the first floor is lower than on the road. But when viewed from a distance it seems like your home will use two floors minimalist design.

Hillside Concept

A minimalist house in sloping areas will appear as if it has three levels. This is because in the carport is designed on the first floor. On the second floor are placed living room and also the bed. Although only one floor, but with applications and models of flat house, then the house will look like terraced. To attract attention, please use bright colours to beautify the look of the house. Contrasting colours such as red and white can give a vague impression on terraced land. You need to create a barrier so that the private parts of your room are not visible from the outside.

15 Inspiration Gallery from Build a House in Hillside Landscaping

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