Amazing waterfall Aquascaping ideas

May 23rd

Aquascaping ideas for the beauty aqua cape layouting can make us wondered. Aquarium not only as a place to fish, but also provides a fun miniature landscape. The beauty of a miniature nature ecosystem in the fish tanks will create the look of a natural balance by arranging aquatic plants, rocks, and sands.

saltwater aquascaping ideas
saltwater aquascaping ideas

Sands Waterfall for Aquascaping Ideas

You can create unusual view in your tank, for example, as you can make a waterfall in your tank. You will surely be wondering how to make a waterfall in the water. of course it’s not real but a waterfall made of white sand. Effects of white smooth sand that was dropped would seem like a waterfall.

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 Items Needed to Make Waterfall Aquascaping

There are special items needed to make a waterfall in the tank. These items are pvc pipe with a diameter of 1 inch and a length of two-thirds of your tank, pvc pipe fittings, hose aerator, aerator and smooth white sand. Pvc pipe will be used as a sand come, and aerator as towing sand. Put sand in the container and place it under rocks that had been developed, and then turn the aerator. and become waterfalls in the aquarium.

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