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August 5, 2017 Decor Ideas

Pineapple Decor for Bedroom

concrete pineapple decor

concrete pineapple decor

Pineapple decor is the unique decoration for your children’s bedroom. Pineapple is the fruit which has the unique shape and color which is very interesting. There are so many kinds of bedroom decorations which are inspired by the cartoon characters, animals, flowers, and superheroes. Choosing the pineapple for the bedroom decoration will make your children’s bedroom different with the others.

Pineapple furniture for the bedroom with pineapple decor

You can imagine how happy your children if they have the unique bedroom. Although this kind of decoration is unique, but you do not need to worry about the furniture causeit is suitable to be placed in your children bedroom. You can place a wardrobe and stand table with the shape of pineapple. If this kind of wardrobe and stand table is hard to find, you can order them at the carpenter.

Make the pineapple bedroom perfect with the accessories

Every bedroom will need lamps. You can use the lamps with the shape of pineapple to be installed in your children’s bedroom too. Then, you can use the pineapple bedding set to cover the bed and place the pineapple rug for the floor. The pineapple colors and shape will make your children’s bedroom has the cheerful and fun atmosphere.

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