Limestone Countertops: Pros And Cons

Jun 12th

Limestone Countertops are the countertops that using limestone as the material of it. Limestone is one of the materials that usually used for the countertop in our house. There are many people who said that it’s really great to have limestone as the countertop. But there are also some people who thought that limestone is not a good material for the countertop. In this article, we’re going to talk about the pros and cons about this matter.

limestone countertops pros and cons
limestone countertops pros and cons

Pros About Limestone Countertops

The first good thing about limestone as countertop is the fact that this kind of stone is really easy to adapt with the environment of the house. You can use the limestone for almost all kinds of house designs. Limestone is also very flexible and durable. It can stands heat and the stone is also very sturdy. Limestone is also easy to mined and easy to be shaped so it’s really advantage forufacture to use it and change the shape as they like. Many people said that limestone is the twin of the marble so it has similar structure. Limestone has the elegant color that very suitable for high class building, professional kitchen of chef, classic themed building, and many more. Many people use the limestone more for the kitchen because the limestone is match well with stainless steel and other kitchenware. The most important factor for the popularity of the limestone is the price. Limestone for countertop has cheaper price rather than other stoned as the countertop.

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Cons About Limestone Countertop

Now let’s talk about the disadvantages from the limestone as the countertop. First of all, even though it may appear as sturdy as marble, limestone is actually pretty fragile if we compare it with other stoned such as granite. It’s also easy to stretched, grazed, discolor, or etched.

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