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August 10, 2017 Granite

How to Choose Granite Countertop Edges

granite countertop edges chipping

granite countertop edges chipping

Granite Countertop Edges –When you want to update your kitchen, you may consider updating your countertop into something more stylish than before. Then, you may need to consider about the edge of your countertop. If your countertop made by granite, there are a lot of choices for granite edges style that you can consider applying it into your granite countertop. Well, we can say that granite is actually the perfect idea for countertop materials. Then, choosing the right edges for it will make your granite countertop being more perfect.

Selecting Granite Countertop Edges

When you need to create countertop edges, you may find some styles that you can select as you please. Flat polish, half or full bullnose, waterfall and ogee are several styles that you may perform for your granite countertop. If you want to have simple edge that looks good for every house appliance, you may choose flat polish or bullnose as the countertop edges. Then, ogee is actually a good idea too since it is one of the most popular countertop edges. Well, when choosing the right edge style for your countertop, you can choose it by considering the doors of your cabinet or just simply choose the one that you favor.

Tips to Choose Countertop Edges

Now, let’ see other tips when you need to choose the perfect countertop edge. When you consider the style or shape of your countertop edges, you can consider about the final result of the style you are going to choose. Ogee style is actually good for classic kitchen and then flat polish can be more flexible for every design. Then, if you want to have something unique, you can choose the edge which comes in unusual shape such as abbreviated rope for your countertop edge. Thus, that is all some tips that may help you to choose the best countertop edges.

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